Remarks on ‘The Old World Dies’

A hyperlinear roller-coaster of a tale that will have you revising your definition of fine literature in no time. Plus you’ll never get lost, because it has a strict plot line. Tell your friends.

You don’t have to know any French to enjoy this romp through France, though some basic Basque won’t hurt. – L. CANARD (Paris)

Jarrard’s bucolic descriptions of the Pyrenees, its fogs and sheep will have you lacing up your hiking boots. – THE FAKE NYT (New York)

As a personage lost deep in this lush jungle of a drama, I can attest to its utterly fair treatment of all artists and animals. – VERITE (Paris)

Highly subtle philosophizing on the meaning of life that evokes Atisha’s Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment. – BERT SOLARITZA (Donostia)

It made me want to get my paint-by-numbers set out again after all these years, and for that I’m deeply grateful. – MAMI MOSES (Hoosick Falls)

I really enjoyed the sassy Villanova character. Western fiction needs even more transsexuals with attitude. – MELLA CINDERELLA (Dallas)

It’s sexy, it’s romantic, and I like it. – DAME BLANCHE (Paris)

Yuge, like, really smart. Not like Hillary. – STABLE GENIUS (Rikers)

Embarrassing. A stain on our family. – T.S. JARRARD (Deceased)

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