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signature-dec-2007Kyle Jarrard is a Texas-born writer who moved to France in 1981, where he lives near Paris and was a senior editor at the International New York Times. He’s written many pieces for the paper on everything from the Cognac rush in Russia to an afternoon with William S. Burroughs. He has also published two novels — “Over There” and “Rolling the Bones” — about which you can learn about elsewhere on this site, and one nonfiction work — “Cognac: The Saga of the World’s Most Coveted Spirit,” which also has been published in French.

2 thoughts on “Say who?

  1. Dear Mr. Jarrard
    When the Music Changed is a wonderful and spirited piece. I will keep it for future reference.

    In my research papers about the connection between religion and poverty, I am pointing out that time is often utilized for praying while the most immediate emergencies are simply ignored. I find your analogy from real life superb and the last paragraph about the godly passions courageous.

    A.J. Deus
    Social Economics of Poverty

  2. Mr. Jarrad,

    Just north of the Red River (Okie born) my childhood experiences, replete with catching crawdads in the creek, oppressive religion, piano lessons and year-round sports, somewhat mirrors your experience.

    I remember once our church making a somewhat half-hearted attempt to reach across the racial divide accepting an invitation to attend an African Methodist Episcopal ice cream social service in Dixie Hill (the black part of town). My grandmother and brothers were the only ones from the white church to turn up.

    Small town Oklahoma seems like a distance past now having lived in Europe now for the past 25 years. As an amateur pianist I still perform concerts occasionally. Those readers residing near Amsterdam are cordially invited to a free concert (all Schubert, Piano Trio) at the Kleinezaal of Het Concertgebouw 14 October. Free tickets requests may be forwarded to

    Joe Chapman

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